As Verna Sees It

Verna Sciscoe

VernaS@phoenixemk decades living/Hawaii/thought all helicopters were black/did not know they were strange here/or that sand sharks were dangerous
Mike Vennuto
 Mike Vennuto at 9:30am April 4
Hmmmm. When on on he main island in the seventies I saw a black helicopter over the pineapple fields close to the beach it was hovering and people were gathering there? I didn’t think much of it?! As for sand sharks I heard they will bite.
Verna Sciscoe
 Verna Sciscoe at 4:38pm April 6
I lived in the house at Shark’s Cove Park, world famous sight, kids learned to swim in the Cove,…full of, hundreds of sand sharks on the bottom…never thought anything of it….most were 3 to 4 ft …looked pretty with little black tip on top fin….LOL….all helicopters were black with no markings….V.
Ham for Easter Dinner?….Why?
No one answered my question: ‘Why is Greasy, Salty Ham, tradtional with Easter?”….why not…Peeps, boiled colored eggs, pastry, …chocolate eggs…and healthy meals for Easter?
Write the Book: State Succession/Laws vs Federal Law/Rights
Some one should research the various State Constitutions and Laws vs Federal and write the book.

In my childhood Texas History, we were told that only Texas and a few other states could withdraw from the Union as a part of their compliance to join in the first place…In the State Constitution…I later learned that Federal something or other later prevented any state from succession.

Hawaii has an interesting State Constitution,…they can… Read More overide Federal Law…if it is best interest in Hawaii…They in practice…allow bases and ports for military,…Federal Taxes and a mish mash of State Law that even prohibits the legal possession of fire arms….you can own one…but in no way shape or form have one in your possession…that follows in many state laws….that dilute or bypass Federal Law and rights….V.

Karen Lindholm Let’s make dinner! How about Veal Francaise

Verna Sciscoe
 Verna Sciscoe at 4:46pm April 16
Can you make it with a greasy salty ham bone left from Easter Dinner?

No one answered my question: ‘Why is Greasy, Salty Ham, tradtional with Easter?”….why not…Peeps, boiled colored eggs, pastry, …chocolate eggs…and healthy meals for Easter?

Karen Lindholm
Karen Lindholm at 4:46pm April 16
omg so funny!
Verna Sciscoe
 Verna Sciscoe at 5:08pm April 16
Drank a lot of herb tea to rinse out the salt…I hate it when ‘tradition’ and old ideas dictate the NORM over common sense and reality….If I had more time I would dedicate yet another page on my FB just for these nonsense OLD JUNK…we need to ditch.

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  1. thejamkingshow Says:

    Thanks for passin by its good to see you!! nice and lovely site! I am trying to mix it up a little to get some followers then its full steam ahead!! lol you know how me and jfk fan do it! lol lol keep in touch I know I will ok>?? JK

  2. thejamkingshow Says:

    ps i added you to blog roll!!!

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