Represented opening, development of restaurants, beauty shop, both sides of land with condo development, office and medical buildings, warehouse/business sales.  Entire North Puget Sound Region, Seattle to the Canadian border, my office is in the Port of Bellingham, Harbor Mall office, drive or come in by yacht…large friendly office,…seagulls and boat masts view from my desk…Mt Baker peeking out over the town….V.


25 Random Things About Me
April 28, 2009 at 7:25 pm
1. From several places, do not feel FROM or BELONG to any. 2. Have a UNIVERSAL out look and perspective, no LOCALE or PROVINCIAL attitudes. 3. Younger than my years in looks, health, thought. 4. Have a problem being patient with Earthlings, but consider myself one of the better Green Earth People. 5. Absolutely love my adult children, grandchildren, family, but they are like me all to busy being themselves, and have great wonderful jobs, family, and lives. I am the oldest in my family left living in my natal family. 6. Career Realtor 7. I have owned a pawn shop/used store in Hawaii for 12 years 8. I lived in a beach house for 17 1/2 years on the Pipeline, Sunset Beach Oahu, the Pacific Ocean had been in the yard and house before. Was in Hurricanes, Iwa, Iniki, and multiple sub Hurricane Storms. Swam in open ocean/high surf without scuba gear or floatation regularly. 9. Absolute Green Thumb…must have plants everywhere,..known for having huge plants on my desk on risers in Realty Offices. Garden at home and Art Studio, being outside and Bar be Que. 10. Still mourning the loss of my 92 Jaguar Metallic Blue Sovereign,..paid $571 per month for 3 payments short of the end of 3 year contract. Repo picked it up at my office 2 years ago on an extra $798 payment sent as a scam…due in two weeks just after regular payment made. 11. I enjoy being me, but do not fit anyone’s idea or mold. 12. I go at a steady even pace, but have always attracted…Jack Rabbit get it done now, Men. 13. 13 should be a special one, so here it is….Stopped having relationships in 2001…because I just can’t find the match for me…so let them be…have had several years long relationships and I ended them….we are still friends…I am happier by myself and having friends. 14. Sometimes embarrassed about other peoples attitudes about women who are not married…I just stay to myself and let small minds be small. 15. Love Facebook Friends and reading about people everyday….at my desk or at home… 16. I am a stone cold professional in business, but the people come first. I teach and share with those other agents who want it. 17. I have a personal library of hundreds of lovely, wonderful hardbound books, on every topic you can think of…a personal collection of everything that should be saved in the world in hard bound format. 18. I eat simple things….but have friends that do the cooking instead of me. Love Sushi, all fish, veggies, starches, pork steaks, stews and soups made at home. Don’t like cold food, ice cream sometimes, hot fudge sundae. 19. Don’t smoke, drink, drug, or take meds. 20. Like to walk along waterfronts, and now,..its Boulevard Park, or Whatcom Falls Park, my desk is at the waterfront in Bellingham, I see boat masts and gulls, sunsets, and over the tops of the town, I see snow covered Mt Baker. 21. My favorite movies: Medicine Man, Elizabeth:Golden Age, Shakespeare in Love, Dr Shivago, Tora Tora Tora, All Submarine Movies, Sci Fi and martians, All British stories and movies. 22. My favorite TV: PBS, Masterpiece Theater, History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Shows: Rescue Me, Sopranos, Deadliest Catch,…science and space specials. 23. I have an art studio, I paint and do silk flower arranging, I write a lot everyday on the computer and multiple web pages, 180,000+ score on Scrabble Blast, won the Texas Hold ’em computer game tournaments 3 or 4 times…lots of times top ten. 24. I have been worth mega money several times in my life…know how to get there again,..know how to act when I get there….just be real. 25. The Last…The Best….My Favorite Quote….. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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