Verna Sciscoe MVP Award goes to Sarah Palin…. for running interference for the Gooper’s ….while they reinvent themselves w/o admitting wrong… V.

 commented on Marshia Armstrong‘s status.
Verna likes Joe McDermott‘s photo.

Verna Sciscoe I had heard about this….

New robes for the US Supreme Court
Verna Sciscoe Sarah Palin did her job in the campaign… she was brought on to take the public eyes off John McCain…now what is her ….JOB?… V.
Verna Sciscoe 7 am…. morning temperature inversion setting in…. getting chilly ….

Verna Sciscoe RT @CreditLoan: Money is a tool, not a solution

Verna Sciscoe What if Sarah Palin wrote notes on hand …got confused at podium/read her …GYN appt notes…my original steph can borrow this. @SMShow
Verna Sciscoe RT @MisterCurtis: Where is our winter! everywhere else got one. hell, we barely got rain! and this is the pacific NW I’m talking about here.

Verna Sciscoe What if Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address on his hand… no camera/recording equip then… Palin old man’s heart beat away/Prez

Verna Sciscoe RT @scottyno: And with the conclusion of the Superbowl, another eating season mercifully ends.

Verna Sciscoe RT @KIRO7Seattle: Chopper 7 just flew over new 747-8 a/ 1st flight. Pilot Clark Stahl & @KIRO7RickPrice teaming up to preview 10am take-off.

Verna Sciscoe Stephanie Miller radio show …great this am…. load it with her name and dot com…. twitter changes when I write it out

Verna Sciscoe ‘Single Men Want to get to know you’…oh yeah,… “I” want to get to know “me”… still working on that one… V.

Verna Sciscoe Not going to ‘Date Over 50 Men’… not considering dating even the AM only have to think about is me…V.

Verna Sciscoe Not Religious ..Woke 4 am not yet read/radio/tv… felt something strange in … came up w/Psalm 139 ..V.

Verna Sciscoe Stopping all Sunday buses will hurt elderly/poor fam/church/outings, child visitations… city small businesses and shops…just saying..V.

Verna Sciscoe STUDIES for spending alone/spending money w/o really doing anything..cut real aid elswhere, considering to stop ALL Sunday buses.
Verna Sciscoe Of all the waste in the city/county/state on STUDIES for spending alone/spending money w/o really doing anything..cut real aid elswhere.

Verna Sciscoe RT @EQWatch: M 6.4, southwestern Ryukyu Islands, Japan

Verna Sciscoe How is the weather on the east coast?….We had 58 today… we are saving cold rainy days for summer.
Verna Sciscoe All kidding aside… haven’t watched a single football game this year…wish the Saints well.. 1st time/…winner/mardi gras for NO
 Isn’t writing test questions on the hand something …. middle school losers did?

Verna Sciscoe RT @eddiescorz22: RT @Mohner5 Sarah Palin Caught Reading Her Tea Party Speech Off Her Hand: ?t

Verna Sciscoe RT @ToDoInTX: Durango Texas: Visiting Fort Worth Trinity River Ghosts, Sinkholes .. on Saturday … #Texas #Tonight

Verna Sciscoe Silly Bowl Menu: Steelhead Salmon on grill,… HUGE Crab salad….Crock Pot of Chili ready to turn on at midnight… enormous Apple Crisp
Verna Sciscoe Watching …. ‘Beauty Shop’…. Lativa…. cool…. Just had idea…. I need to do over my art studio….
Verna Sciscoe Watching …. ‘Beauty Shop’…. Lativa…. cool….
Verna Sciscoe RT @jfkfan: RT @ELDING Chris Matthews on Palin’s speech: “For a moment, I forgot she was stupid.|CLANG !* WE HAVE A WINNER !

 Verna Sciscoe Watching …’Waiting to Exhale’ for the second time today… took my girls as teens to see the movie… they needed the info …. heh heh heh… V.
 Reading the…. Desiderata …. again after all these years…. how true…. good stuff…. V.
Verna became a fan of Verna Sciscoe Realty News. ·

Verna Sciscoe

We are going to come out of this stronger than ever. We will have a new open truly free market. The old business template that got us into this mess will be gone. No longer will the people fall for the old way of housing…
February 4 at 11:48pm ·
Verna Sciscoe 2008 check it out….
Barack Obama’s Record Housing: In the U.S. Senate, Obama introduced the STOP FRAUD Act to increase penalties for mortgage fraud and provide more protections for low-income homebuyers, well before the current subprime crisis began…
Verna Sciscoe Some of my earlier stuff…. V.
Is it time for a National Homestead Act? 1. The American home to be exempt from all debt and stand alone as a surety for mortgage. 2…
February 4 at 11:33pm ·
 Verna Sciscoe Listening to Coast to Coast… 453 people saw a flying saucer….. watching msnbc w/caption on….. laptop on multiple screens….

Verna Sciscoe RT @WhitleyStrieber: Saw Paranormal Activity finally. Bored me. My real life now is scarier. In the past, FAR scarier.

Verna Sciscoe RT @ajerf: RT @dipnote: Sec. Clinton: We will maintain unwavering commitment Article 5 of the #NATO Treaty. #hillarytravel
Verna Sciscoe There was a Muppet that had ..stereo cones for ears… his name was … Radio…. walked thru the set saying…. radio, radio, radio..

Verna Sciscoe 6am to 9 am ..PST …..RADIO ….. Stephanie Miller radio show…..

Verna Sciscoe Watched …’Gothic’ ..early evening…. it used to terrify me…. after living 2 mos w/5 housemates….. it makes it look tame… V.

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