June 2008

What a nice way to start the morning. Barack Obama on CNN and they played the entire speech without commentary, or breaking in. What a wonderful speech it was. About all of us doing our part just where we are and that our children do not have the knowledge of history that we do.

Out here where the morning just started and the summer has just now come to the upper northwest corner of the nation. We just turned our furnace off last week. We had turned it off for 3 days and could not make it waking up to 43 degrees and moisture. Paying fuel, energy, propane costs makes the problems Barack spoke about more than just words to this area.

We needed him in office last January, we cannot miss next January.

I live up in WA state now.  I grew up in Odessa and Dallas.  I graduated High School in 1968.  All of the young men and some of the women were ‘over there’, Nam, or out of the country or laying low.  I married in College,a 4F, unfit for service.  A very good man that died of cancer in 1972.  I have a lovely son who is a credit to his nation and he has a great family.  I had problems with a 22 month old, newly widowed and trying to find a new job in Dallas in 1972. 22 years old. 

All of the young women from the small towns were in Dallas because they would have normally married in their hometown.  They were competing for jobs and husbands. 
The divorce rate in Dallas in the ’70’s was awful.  2 years was a long time to be married in North Dallas.  I finally remarried and left Dallas and had 2 girls, he was 17 years older.  He left us after 10 years.  I always wondered if the husband I was to supposed to have died in Nam, MIA, or in a Vet hospital somewhere.  I have prayed for that unknown man off and on most of my life.

The same thing is starting to happen in this country now.  The young men and some young women are ‘over there’ Irag and other foreign countries.  The economy is slow here and I wonder if it is somewhat because they are not here, working, having families, and that age group are big consumers.  Maybe we will find out when Obama is in the White House and they come home.  V.

Barack Obama should pick his ‘veep’ as the person he wants to see coming into the Oval Office each morning to do a briefing with and knows and trusts that person to work with them. That should be the only consideration.  He is taking on the executive position of the three prong constitutional branches to run this country.  That has nothing to do with ‘polls’ as far as I know.

So much for the administration of her campaign, thank God some people saw the light and she is not in line for administration of the nation,.  I was terrified of that possibility.  She owes a lot of small businesses that did not sign on to do it as a donation to her campaign or should she report it as a donation until it is paid?

 I have real trouble seeing her in a possible joint appearance with Obama.  How do you accept it with all of these debts owed and mistakes?

Treat  Ralph Nader like a Third Rail…..don’t touch it.   Do not give answers to the muck that comes out.  Stay above this.  It is a trap to get you to respond to it. 

You have wonderfully given your time and effort to the American People.  You are engaged in every effort and respod to everyone.  This is the time to let them have there own way and stay out of it. 

You are so far above them.  They will not catch up in their lifetime, they just don’t get it.  Like the old commercial, “If you have to ask, I  can’t explain it to you ”

They are baiting you to talk about race so it is you talking about it.   You and we the Obama supporters do not care one flip about any of that.  The rest of the world has not caught on yet.  It is a YES WE CAN group and WE is all of us.

Web cam your family getogethers.  There is so much on the market today to join the tech revolution.  It makes so much sense.  Just take care of yourself and loved ones and give your family and extended families a break this summer from extra costs. 

Do something special with the loved ones at home.  Trips to your own home town summer events or nearby parks and things.  I had a great time at a parade in a small town.  Maybe you and your neighbors can have a street bar b que pot luck. 

Have a company or neighborhood ball game at a park, go to swimming pools, go for an afternoon ice cream after doing the yard with your kids.  All the great things you will remember later in life.  Take photos, tour your town museum, aquarium, zoos. 

No one will fault you for taking an All American summer in your home town.  WE are all in this together.

Go to www.stephaniemiller.com  look at the photoshop fun, second page.  

John George McBush III

They pasted the two faces together.  Oh, by the way she is cool to listen to on the radio.

 I liked listening to Barack Obama on Barack TV Imagine….Having Barack leading the country and everytime we heard from the President of the United States on his take of the current situation it was Barack.  

Imagine if that voice was McCain……any questions?

……..Oh, it will be a Blue, Blue, Country,…………..Oh, it will be a Blue, Blue, Country,……

She is talking about the external heat powering her internal heat to get moving for Obama. 

I have to admit that I zone out when it comes to talk about solar energy.  I just do not see it as a strong source of energy.  That is photocell engineering….but what about all the heat that is produced on the desert. 

Could that heat be used to convert to electric energy.  Like a magnifying glass on a bug?  That is the true cost of energy is the fuel to move the generator. 

I am going to change what I put in my gas tank. I just got the info on using a small inexpensive converter to use have the gas and half the hydrogen from a very small amount of water. That is real change, and it is half gas and half hydrogen. It is common fact that Iceland and other countries are mass producing cars that run entirely on hydrogen from water. The media censors the public common knowledge. We have a lot of change to do in this country and it is going to take all of us.

Yes it is true that the best change comes from making informed decisions. But the hardest change has been so far is to get the brainwashed minds to listen to the solution to their problem.  The American mind set is that if it does not come from big business, in the media, and I do something that is different, I won’t listen to anything that takes me away from that mind set.That is the true essence of the product of Propaganda. 

We don’t have to….a small inexpensive device attached to your car with a small amount of water and you can convert hydrogen from water and use half the gas.  No ethanol no big dangerous hydrogen plants and cars with hydrogen tanks.

The only thing that is constant is…..Change.   In time all things change,  even rocks will change in given time enough. 

The Change we are looking for is far greater that just taking our country back, we want to Change our country into the vision we all have of a great homeland for all Americans.

I have changed.  I no longer identify with the repub party.  That is huge.  If I can do that, anyone can Change for the greater good of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nation.

It is just like a great big family in a home.  The home is what the members of the household make it. 

Clean or dirty, happy or warlike, productive or slothful, sharing or selfish, making decisions for the greater good of the whole, or making alliances with outside forces to the distruction of the unit.

There is great joy in being clean, happy, productive, sharing, making the choices for the greater good of the whole.

BARACK TV, is a nice little lift in the morning after coffee and vitamins.  Just make me smile…….we are doing it……it is coming to fruitation…….all of the cheering, yelling crowds……weeehoooo……..

You should go to the Web Page at least once a day…..just blogging can get you down…..we are on our way…..it is not just me and you and a keyboard……it is “We The People” as it has never been before.  YOU AND I are a part of all of those crowds of people.  

Going the the front page of this web site helps to re-focus on that drive of humanity for CHANGE.

It is here, it is real, it is now.   We are all in it together…….V.


Blogging Under the Influence

There is a part of me that says, we do not need “Big Brother” owning homes. 

Regulate and stop predatory lending, give help to those who are still in there homes not to lose them, AND DEBT FORGIVENESS for those that have lost there homes because many of them may never recover.  We are talking about homes, families, working people that need a home to go to to keep on the job and a stable enviornment for the youth, and the aged.

As far as the other properities that have gone before, restore them to the owners,  YEEEAAA! Is that not what you do when someone has been wronged because of a crime. 

Restitution?  Not in 20 years.  How about 30 to 45 days, before the start of another school term, with no payments for one to five years, because of harm done.


Just let the property go down, and the prices also, until someone in the market place gets it and fixes it up.  Big Brother will buy them and fix them up with white wash and glue and put them on the market at the previous rates and mortgage them over and over again, same villian, different name.

Don’t feed the trolls,  heavy traffic on the website may mean many readers and not writers.  You know what that can mean.   Easy on the Keys as you go.

We have a great candidate that has weathered the primary and is still ‘all that’.  We are building up our areas and donating.  I have to wait a bit, but I have not come close to putting in the 2300 yet. 

But that is what it is all about.  All of us putting in little bits with power in numbers.  We have a great group here, holding hands across the nation.  Off to my desk now, later.   V.

If everyone cut their gasoline and fuel consumption in atleast HALF.  Even if you are making do or can afford to spend all you want to, HALF of all consumption cuts the money in HALF nationally for Oil Company profits.

Can we all agree to spread the word out to spend HALF of all fuel costs for a month.  Or say Sept 1.  You can still do stuff and take kids on trips, just don’t spend miles on other stuff.

HALF THE MILES IS HALF THE MONEY, or bike, walk, car pool, neighbors or family errands all done on one day. 

Like calorie counting, diet 5 days, to have a dinner out or splurge. 

Counting mileage like counting calories. 

Somebody has to start something. Email this to everyone you know……. V.

That is pure sea water [Mentioned in a previous post}.  Real sea water is a cosmic mixture of minerals and carbons and hydrogen. 

Everything on earth can be reduced to a molecular set of atoms that come from the table of elements.  It is a finite site of discovered basic elements of all matter.  Take real sea water down to the basic elements and gasoline and see what it would take to add to the basic atoms to create the “clone for gasoline”. 

Ethylene is not the basic atoms, it is a combination of atoms to make a liquid.  Dig a little deeper than that. 

I am not one to quote Charles Rangle, but I caught this in the heat of battle a few months ago, he said, “We have to start with what we have and go from there.”

We have a great, dynamic, intellectual Statesman, willing to stand up to the challenge and be the nominee for 44th President of the United States.  We have a gracious First Lady, an intellect in her own right, a couple who looks after the careful raising of their two daughters.

A National economic crisis, witht the wolves tending the Hen House.

A War that is ongoing, and trumping all previous budgets combined, $800 Billion?

A Flooded midsection of the country, with a water shortage in others.

A National homeland security patroled seemingly  by the headless horseman.

A crumblinly infrastructure, with no plans in sight to do even minimal repair.

A National fuel crisis, robbing the pockets of those that are still in their homes, that have jobs and vehicles.

A tax system that makes slaves of those with a job, all others ride free.

If it were not for the internet, our young would be illiterate.

At least 3 generations younger than me that all will want and need all the things that I have given up on. 

A boggled medical care system that sends the poor to the emergency room for the most expensive care available and taxpayers pick up the tab.  No follow up or continuing care for working poor and self-employed. 

A Congress trying to do double time to make up for lost time in an election year for the fiscal mess that we are in. 

Veterans, John McCain did not bother to go vote for your benefits, he was out raising money for his campaign.

Transportation is in pre-chaos, fuel costs, recalled vehicles, re-po’s, some folks making a choice between paying gas credit card to commute to stay on the job or pay their car payment, or lose their home.

A flood district of rivers and levees that is more than a century old that costs all of us in food and insurance and tax money.  We need a massive overhaul to save that fresh water for use.

Pollution, we are nuts to even buy more stuff that is turned into garbage.  We are taking our money and buying stuff to put in the trash.  We might as well stand over the trash and throw money in it.

I hope global warming and poisoning the planet, fish feeding on garbage in the ocean has a way of working itself out, we got too much to do before we are all on survival.

My problems today?  Yeah I have some, but my heart goes out to those on the list above.

We now know where we are, we have to start with what we have…..$800 Billion would go a long way to give jobs and help folks out and fix stuff. 

If I understand this, then why are the news and government doing silly airhead stuff.

It must be a time for a CHANGE.



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